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We provide a platform for in-depth exploration, dissemination, and advancement of peace research and the science of peace. As well as a resource for peace journalism and the latest developments within international relations.

Our aim is to create a comprehensive, accessible and insightful coverage geared towards individuals from all walks of life that are passionate about peace, conflict resolution, and international relations.

The Science of Peace

As an academic field, the Science of Peace, also known as Peace and Conflict Studies, explores the complex dynamics of conflicts, peacebuilding, and international relations. It encompasses multidisciplinary perspectives, combining insights from political science, sociology, psychology, economics, and more, to deepen our understanding of the forces that shape peace and conflict in our world.

We are committed to bringing this knowledge to the forefront. Through our thought-provoking articles, concise coverage of in-depth analysis, and engaging features, we navigate the landscape of peace research to provide you with accessible and compelling content. We strive to bridge the gap between academia and the wider public, making the insights and findings of the Science of Peace accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.

Heuristics of Amity

"Heuristics" refers to shortcuts or efficient strategies for problem-solving, and "Amity" signifies friendship and harmony. By combining these concepts, we offer our readers a pathway to understanding peace more effectively and efficiently. We believe that through knowledge and informed perspectives, we can navigate the complexities of peace with greater clarity and purpose.

Being based in Sweden, a country known for its commitment to peace and diplomacy, provides us with a valuable vantage point. The Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, have enjoyed a unique position of relative peace and stability since 1945. Their small size, wealth, well-organized systems, and distance from warlike activities have allowed them to promote peace effectively. Peace research was even invented by the Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung. And the region, which annually awards the Nobel Peace Prize has a long history of active contributions to the United Nations, including the leadership roles of Dag Hammarskjöld and Trygve Lie, the first two General Secretaries of the UN, this region has established itself as a significant force for global peace.

In line with this legacy, Heuristics of Amity brings you the latest insights and developments in peace research from the Scandinavian countries and beyond. We encourage our readers to form their own informed opinions by presenting a range of viewpoints from various subfields.

Whether you are an academic researcher, a peace activist, or simply someone seeking a deeper understanding of the world around you, Heuristics of Amity invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. Join us as we explore the complexities of conflicts, showcase innovative peacebuilding strategies, and highlight the groundbreaking research that shapes our understanding of peace.  

We encourage our readers to form their own informed opinions and develop their own heuristics.

Together, let's unlock the secrets of peace, foster dialogue, and work towards building a more harmonious and compassionate world. Welcome to the Science of Peace, and welcome to Heuristics of Amity.


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